7 Signs that you are a true Berhampuria !!

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Berhampurias are an amazing lot. Quirky, friendly and distant at the same
time, we have evolved with the city yet reminisce about ‘simpler times’. We
live in one of the best cities of Odisha, and are mighty proud of it. We have an
amazing sense of humour and don’t shy away from laughing on ourselves too.
We might come across as haughty at first but if you prod a little, we’re
extremely soft and big hearted.

By Sahil Senapaty

Here are 7 Signs that make you a True Berhampuria by Heart:-

1. You bleed Puri Upma rather than Red Blood.
A true Berhampuria’s breakfast without Puri-Upma is like surviving without
oxygen. We love to start our day with a more than average serving size of Puri-
Upma with heaps of curry and varieties of chutnies.(Trust me you won’t regret
trying it)
2. Ganesh Market is your Go-to place when it comes to Gadgets.
Be it buying/selling/repairing, everyone in this city trusts Ganesh Market
Products more than Flipkart or Amazon. Moreover, we get to Bargain and buy
products at the cheapest possible price which we Indians are known for.
3. Calling “Bro” is Old school while calling “BHAINA” is Cool.
It is said that the word “BHAINA” originated from Berhampur, making us
berhampurias the proud creators and endorsers. Even most non-odia students
of different colleges are more comfortable calling Bhaina than Bhaiya.
4. You find Fresh Baked Bread of Bhapur Bazaar extremely irresistible.

Admit it, everyone loves hot bread. And we Berhampurias will dump donuts
over Bhapur Bazaar bread which stands undisputed.

5. You find Mayuree Towers Chowk more visually soothing than Tinder.
Well the statement speaks for itself. No additional description is needed.

6.“Raeed na” is our Favorite Word .
We don’t understand alright,very Good ,Fine etc. We understand “Aau Bhaina Raeed Na. ”
7. You speak neither Telugu nor Odia.
Due to the diversity of the people living here, our language has been affected
in a very unique way. Our Odia has a Telugu Accent to it, making it catchy and
more interesting. Most of us can comprehend and speak both Odia and Telugu
The above mentioned characteristics are what make a true berhampuria and
we are proud of it.




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