7 Things you must eat in Brahmapur before you die

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We Brahmapurias and our love for food is no secret. Nothing comes close to
our fondness for delicious snacks, so if you’re new to the city here are 6 things
that you MUST try!
Article by: Sahil Senapaty
Picture Courtesy: Jagadish Sahu

1.Brahmapur “Dantikili”
Otherwise known as “Murukku”, Dantikili is something every brahmapuria has a
weakness for. I would literally bow before the creator of this crunchy snack and
beg him for the recipe. You can munch this snack on the go and it can be found
anywhere in Ganjam.

2.Dhanu Muan a.k.a. Ghia Mua
The crisp ball made of puffed rice and jaggery, popularly known as ‘muan,’ is
quintessential to Ganjam’s list of delicacies. Not just that, ‘muan’ holds a
special significance in the Odia month of Pausa. In the Odia households,
‘muan’ is a must-have for the season. It’s auspicious to prepare ‘muan’
between ‘Dhanu Sankranti’ and ‘Makar Sankranti’. It can be found across the
district in the sweet shops and outlets.

3.Rasogolla at Kukudakhandi
When it comes to this syrupy and spongy delicacy, nothing beats The
Rosogolla of Kukukhandi, located just 10kms away from Brahmapur. While
People of Odisha fight over the origin of Rosogolla, our Ganjam people enjoy
this delicacy without any fuss over it.

4.Chena Poda at Poda Mari
An accidental invention, Chenna Poda originated in the town of Nayagarh.
Poda Mari, a village near Brahmapur, took this dessert to a whole new level
by tweaking the flavours and enhancing it. This mouth-watering dessert
consists of soft cottage cheese with added sugar, nuts and raisins. It is
widely available in Odisha and we just can’t get over it.

5. The mixture at Buguda/Digapahandi
We Indians just can’t live without our fried snacks. To fulfil our instant
cravings Buguda and Digapahandi have invented a famous delicacy which is
not only delicious but also healthy. Unlike other mixture which is prepared
from Besan, Buguda mixture is prepared using Rice flour and Besan.
Similarly, Digapahandi also serves one of the best quality mixtures in
Odisha. This is the thing which you must add to you must try list when you visit
Ganjam the next time.

6. Brahmapur special Achaar
Achaar aka Pickle is a very commonly found dish in every Indian house. But,
Brahmapur has revolutionized this dish in such a way that it has been
appreciated on a National Scale. It consists of multiple varieties ranging
from Mango to Tamarind. Achaar fits in with favourite dish of yours, making
food irresistibly tastier.

7. Anta Pakudi
Anta Pakudi, deep fried besan with hot spices, is a Brahmapur famous snack
which is best enjoyed with evening tea or Bundi. It is quite cheap and can be
found anywhere in Brahmapur.Kama Anta Pakudi Is very famous in brahmapur
Savor it when served hot.




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