Team DB: A ray of hope for the Brahmapur fire outbreak-stuck victims

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Social media is more than just a platform for socializing; it is a tool to create magic among the lives of the unlucky, but only when it is applied in the right direction

A major fire had broken out in the basti running along Corporation Road, opposite Biju Patnaik Park, Brahmapur on 18th January 2018. It was reported that gas cylinders exploded one by one and more than 90 families were affected and needed urgent attention. Rescue works came into progress instantly and the dwellers were supported with food and hospitality as part of the relief process.

Team Discover Brahmapur launched an instant drive for helping the victims with clothing needs that very day. The team requested the followers to come forward and donate their mildly-used clothes or blankets to help the deprived.

The Day 1 cloth distribution drive was a great success and it was an utterly delighting experience to help the victims of the fire outbreak. The team collected 1000+ clothing and winter essentials within a few hours, which only justifies the true spirit and goodness of the people of Brahmapur! The government had arranged food preparation and distribution. But due to the night-time temperature drop, the concern among the homeless, that included a large chunk of women, children and elderly, was increasing every minute. At such a situation, Discover Brahmapur’s help was duly appreciated as it fulfilled one of the most indispensable demands.

Few other clubs like Rotary Club of Brahmapur also came forward and distributed blankets, sweaters and daily wears to the victims that day.

On the second day, the team initiated a fund collection drive through Paytm. From the collected money, they bought daily essentials and made a kit containing water bottle, tooth brush, tooth paste, tongue cleaner, comb, shampoo, soap, coconut oil, mosquito-repellent, mirror and detergent. More than 80 kits were prepared to be distributed among the deprived.

As compared to the first day, the conditions at the site were improved and people had started settling in temporary structures. Food was constantly being provided by the government; a camp had been setup near the spot where people could go and have meals. Many clubs, groups and private individuals gradually came forward and did their bit by donating the needy with clothes, household items and other essentials.

Discover Brahmapur proudly witnessed yet another successful drive of donation which was only possible because of the followers! Within a time span of less than 18 hours, the team collected INR 15800 on the Paytm  account. This is, however, the power of social media in today’s times!




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