Ghuguni Chaat: multi-ingredient evening snack

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Gupchup is the most common street food of Brahmapur, but Ghuguni Chaat is no less of a sensation here 

By Lohita Raulo

The soulful hunt for street food by Team Discover Brahmapur brings for your taste buds- a warm, pleasantly soothing, flavourful plate of Ghuguni Chaat to save your craving soul.

Ghuguni Chaat is not only a street food delicacy of Brahmapur, but is famous across the lengths and breadths of Odisha, West Bengal and parts of North India. Due to its easy preparation technique, Ghuguni Chaat is considered one of the most sought-after options by the daily vendors.

Ghuguni Chaat is made of the curry of boiled yellow peas coupled with raw veggies like coriander, chopped onions, ginger, carrots etc. To give the lasting spruce of crunch and twist of flavours, a drizzle of tamarind chutney and a mixture of dry Indian snacks like namkeen, bhurji, sev, gathiya etc., are topped over it; thus, giving Ghuguni Chaat its crunchy, tangy, spicy uplift.




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