Gopalpur-on-sea: A serene beach town

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Brahmapur is blessed to be sharing borders with a serene beach town, and the ultimate weekend saviour- the one and only Gopalpur-on-Sea

By Team Discover Brahmapur

A Notified Area Council on the Bay of Bengal edge nests a beautiful small town of Gopalpur. 16kms away from the busy, noisy lanes of the Brahmapur city, Gopalpur has the closest resemblance to heaven for every Brahmapuriya.

History proclaims a rich evidence of commercial trading from the port of Gopalpur. The East India Company had also built warehouses and large storage units to trade rice. Once a busy commercial hub of South Odisha, Gopalpur now rests calmly as one of the most sought-after beaches.

Gradually, Gopalpur witnessed development towards the tourism industry. It hosts a large chunk of masses from nearby towns and cities during the weekends. The Ganjam District Hotel Association organises a Beach Festival on the serene beach land every year in the month of December to promote tourism and culture of the state.

Growing up in Brahmapur consist a lot of things, and one of those is definitely visiting Gopalpur numerous times with family and friends. To be true, a nature-passionate Brahmapuriya can never go more that 2-3 months without visiting Gopalpur!

Basically, Gopalpur is the ultimate getaway for the people of Brahmapur to relish the little happy moments in life amidst the shore.




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