Puri Upma: Official breakfast of brahmapur making mornings more special.

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Discover Brahmapur team of foodies serve the readers- the official breakfast item of Brahmapur- Puri– Upma

By Alka Digal

Breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day. We, Brahmapurias, are blessed with a special product to savour the morning hours.

The weird combination, as it may sound, is a combination of two cultures on one plate. The taste of South- Indian Sambaar and Odia Channa Tarkari (chickpea curry) on a scoop of Upma and its companion Puri is all one needs to kick-start his/her day in Brahmapur.

Depending on the number of sides (curries and sambaar) Puri- Upma is served with, this peculiar, yet tasty, combination oozing with multiple flavours ranges from Rs 10 – Rs 40. It is available in almost all breakfast food joints of Brahmapur.

It is dearly loved by majority of Brahmapuria crowd and it won’t be wrong to say that Brahmapur is in a sacred food relationship with it.

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Official breakfast of brahmapur making mornings more special.




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