Summer Hacks to beat the heat in Brahmapur

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Summers are not much fun these days. As the Sun gets fierce and ruthless, our
body becomes more vulnerable to Dehydration, Sun Strokes and Skin
infections.We have jotted down some of the best ways to beat the summer
like a warrior this time.

Article By: Sahil Senapaty

1. Carry an Umbrella along with a water bottle whenever you go out:-
An Umbrella with a water bottle in summer gives you an added protection all
day long. Water is the most ignored thing when it comes to being healthy.
Drinking water keeps you hydrated the whole day, equipping you to battle the
ruthless sun.

2. Ditch Coke, Get Lassi/Nimbu Pani:-
It’s hard to overstate the importance of hydration. Having a chilled glass of
traditional Nimbu Pani or Lassi resets your senses and cools you down.
Moreover, Berhampur Lassi is the most unique and flavourful lassi you can get
in the whole world. So, why not drink Lassi or Nimbu Pani which is healthier

3. Bathing:-
Don’t hesitate to drop in the bathroom for a quick refreshing shower and Get
fresh as Rain.

4. Enjoy a soothing serving of “Pakhala”:-
“Pakhala”, as we call it, is the ultimate comfort food of Odisha. We just can’t
live without Pakhala. It refreshes your senses and trusts me it can turn you into
a happier person.

5. Be a fan of Hand Fans or “Binchana”:-
In the world where air conditioners dominate the market, Hand fans are the
most underrated tool for heat relief. People often ignore the grave
consequences to the environment by the frequent use of Air Conditioners.So,
this summer go green by using locally made eco-friendly “Binchanas”.

Pic Courtesy: Jagadish Sahu, Abhilash das, Digvijaya rath, My city Links

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