Taptapani: Picturesque landscape and religious values make this hot spring a sought-after picnic spot

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This stimulating place of religious importance holds beautiful landscapes, rich forestry, medicinal spring and more

By Team Discover Brahmapur

Located in Digapahandi, about 58kms from Brahmapur, is the popular hot Sulphur spring site- Taptapani where ‘Tapta’ means ‘Hot’ and ‘Pani’ means ‘Water’. The hot spring is located on the Eastern slope of the Eastern Ghats, on the crest of a hill, having lush green forests hosting a wide range of flora and fauna.

The hot water from the natural spring is attributed to be having medicinal properties, and people enjoy bathing in a pond created next to the spring. The tribal communities of the locality and the picturesque landscape are some of the other reason why this place attracts thousands of tourists every year. It also has a deer park that’s managed by the forest department, which is definitely a cherry on the delicious pie that it already is.

A few minutes’ walk from here will take to Kandimata Mandir where the locals take a bath in the spring before offering their daily prayers. Tourists opt to stay at the palatial Panthanivas of Taptapani, which is spacious and posh, with attached swimming pools supplying warm water from the hot spring itself. Grand!

Taptapani is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Odisha and holds high religious values for the people living around. The experience of the bath warm water pond is absolutely enjoyable and fulfilling. Also, if you’re a photographer or a selfie freak, the nature’s got its most beautiful backgrounds here for you to click pictures in.





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